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Father's Day is just a week away, meaning its time to think about getting dad a present!   Wireless multi-room speakers are the next big thing in audio, and Sonos is one of the most established players in the space. If you want to get dad started with... read more
We had some big smartphone news this – pardon the pun – Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ will be available in Australia on September 4.    The Note 5 will only be available in a 32GB model priced at AUD$1,099, while the S6 Edge+ will... read more
Google has a new owner – a company called Alphabet. It’s a little bit complicated, by Alphabet is a new umbrella company started by Google’s founders, and Google is just one of the companies on its portfolio.   While the Google products many of use every... read more
Sharing is a word most Australian telcos have been throwing around lately, and Optus is the latest to jump on the bandwagon. Optus is now allowing families to pool the data inclusions across all plans on a single bill, which kind of seems like a double... read more
Windows 10 is out now, and it's free! While the return of the start menu is one of Windows 10 big features, there a lot nifty new additions. Click here to read our review to learn a bit more about them!   Did you know people make a LOT of money playing... read more

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Life & Technology - 2GB 30th August, 2014

Father's Day is just a week away! This week we've taken a look at some of the best gifts for dad!


Jawbone's Up24 is one of the best fitness trackers on the market. It looks slick, does a great drop of tracking your activity, measures your sleep and has brilliantly designed app - perfect for the dad who's always on the go.


Does your dad love his electric guitars? If so, the iRig is a great gift. The iRig lets you plug a guitar straight into your iPhone or iPad and use it is as an amp - and it almost sounds as good.



Life & Technology - 2GB 16th August, 2014

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is finally getting a release in Australia at the end of this month! It's a product I've been pretty excited about, so it was great sit down and talk with Matt Chapman, Microsoft's Product Marketing Manager for the Surface. What's different about the Surface Pro 3 when compared to other tablets is that it's a device that's not only designed to consume on, but to create. According to Matt, the Surface Pro 3 is a tablet designed for productivity, and is designed to replace both your existing tablet, and your laptop!


Life & Technology - 2GB 9th August, 2014

The week that was brought us a whole lot of phone news, on both the telco and device side.


Life & Technology - 2GB 28th June, 2014

This week in tech was a bit of a mixed bag, bringing with it some good news, some bad, and some pretty nifty.


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